Boost productivity: In-office Microsoft Office Training

Is your team wasting valuable time struggling with Microsoft Office?

Imagine this: Your staff confidently tackling tasks, using advanced features and collaborating seamlessly. That’s the power of our in-office training.

We offer:

  • Convenience: We come to you and can even use your existing documents in the training.
  • Customisation: Choose from pre-designed courses or create a bespoke program specific to your team’s needs.
  • Results: Stop the time-wasting struggles. See immediate productivity gains as your team works smarter, not harder.

Ready to unlock their potential? Browse our full-day and half day courses, or call us to design a custom programme.

Get your staff working smarter, not harder today.

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On-site training delivery policy

The client must ensure that a suitable room is available for training and has enough space to accommodate the number of attendees. Each attendee must have:

  • A computer on which to participate fully
  • Freedom from interruption during the training
  • Time to practice the skills learned after the training

In the event that the client requires training to be off-site, training room hire costs are added to the total cost of the course.

Online training delivery policy

Each attendee should have:

  • A computer on which to participate with access to a microphone, speakers and preferably a web camera
  • Conferencing software, e.g. Microsoft Teams or Zoom whether installed on a machine or through a Web browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • A good and stable internet connection
  • Freedom from interruption and time to practice skills learned after the training

All participants will receive an invitation email with a link, e.g. Zoom or a calendar appointment with a link when using Microsoft Teams.

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