Empower your team: Full-day IT skill-building courses

Tired of wasted time and frustration with common Office software?

Upgrade your team’s skills and watch productivity skyrocket with our engaging, full-day IT training courses. Whether you need pre-designed programmes or a customised curriculum, we’ve got you covered.

Boost expertise with pre-designed courses:

  • Microsoft Office masterclass: Build a solid foundation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Project.
  • Excel Power User training: Become a spreadsheet whiz with advanced formulas, pivot tables, data analysis, and automation.
  • Presentation powerhouse workshop: Craft stunning, impactful presentations with design techniques, animation, and audience engagement strategies. (Add more pre-designed options if available)

Benefits for your team:

  • Increased Efficiency: Confidently navigate software features and solve problems independently.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Work seamlessly across teams with standardized workflows.
  • Improved Client Impact: Create professional documents, presentations, and reports that impress.

Unleash the potential:

Each full-day course is led by experienced, engaging trainers who tailor the experience to your team’s needs. Ready to transform your workforce? Browse our course options or contact us to discuss a bespoke programme.

Online training delivery policy

Each attendee should have:

  • A computer on which to participate with access to a microphone, speakers and preferably a web camera
  • Conferencing software, e.g. Microsoft Teams or Zoom whether installed on a machine or through a Web browser, e.g. Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  • A good and stable internet connection
  • Freedom from interruption and time to practice skills learned after the training

All participants will receive an invitation email with a link, e.g. Zoom or a calendar appointment with a link when using Microsoft Teams.

On-site training delivery policy

The client must ensure that a suitable room is available for training and has enough space to accommodate the number of attendees. Each attendee must have:

  • A computer on which to participate fully
  • Freedom from interruption during the training
  • Time to practice the skills learned after the training

In the event that the client requires training to be off-site, the cost of hiring a training room will be added to the cost of the course.

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