Training that works the way you do

If most of your team are reasonably proficient there may be just a few things that need streamlining or you need to get everyone operating at the same level. A bespoke programme means that the course is tailored to the current skill levels and work needs.

With customised IT training courses we’ll discuss what kind of work people are doing and the applications they’re using, find out how they use them and then create a programme that fills in all the gaps.

You can choose to have training take place at your business premises or select an appropriate training venue offsite. All we need is a desk and computer for each learner – and these can be laptops so learning venues don’t necessarily have to be purpose built IT training centres.

What happens when my team all have different skill levels?

In a growing organisation this is quite a common challenge – and there are often ‘hidden’ skills that one member of the team has, but nobody else knows about! You’ll find putting everyone in a room together helps to level the playing field as those who already know some of the techniques and tools will help the others catch up so everyone moves forwards together.

Typically a training session results in saving the learner 30 minutes a day in the time it takes to do their job.

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