Our comprehensive training covers essential Microsoft Office 2021 and Office 365 skills, tailored for Windows and Mac users.

Windows Users – Office 2021 and Office 365
Mac Users – Office 2021 and Office 365

Would you like to go further? We also offer specialised training for:

  • Project: Master project management and boost efficiency.
  • Visio: Create clear and compelling diagrams for any project.

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Microsoft Excel

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, conquer spreadsheets with our practical Excel courses.

Learn the essential skills to streamline your daily tasks, from basic formulas and data analysis to automation and advanced techniques. Our courses are designed to make you proficient in real-world business scenarios.

Microsoft Outlook

Stop wasting time on Email! Master Outlook in one day

Feeling overwhelmed by a cluttered inbox and missed deadlines? Take control of your workday with our Outlook Essentials course.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Craft Captivating Presentations with Our Microsoft PowerPoint Training

Master the art of storytelling through impactful slides, regardless of your operating system. Whether you’re on Windows or Mac, our engaging Microsoft PowerPoint training equips you with the skills to create presentations that wow your audience.

Microsoft Word

Unlock the power of words: Master Microsoft Word

Stop wasting time formatting and start creating impactful documents.

Microsoft Access

Master Database Management: Microsoft Access Essentials

Unleash the power of data organisation with our Microsoft Access Essentials course. Designed for beginners, this training equips you with the skills to build and manage powerful databases from the ground up.

Microsoft Project

Master Project Management: Microsoft Project Essentials for Beginners

Learn to break down complex projects, schedule tasks effectively, and stay on track.

Microsoft Visio

Tired of confusing flowcharts and messy diagrams?

Master Microsoft Visio and create professional, clear visuals to:

Simplify complex processes for your team and clients.

Boost collaboration with easy-to-understand diagrams.

Save time with pre-made templates and intuitive tools.

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