Our standard Microsoft PowerPoint courses will enable you to create professional presentations.

Master PowerPoint on your terms: Our Microsoft PowerPoint training caters to both Windows and Mac users and is offered in flexible formats to suit your learning style. Choose from engaging in-person workshops or the convenience of online learning.

Which course is the right PowerPoint course for your organisation?

PowerPoint essentials training

Master the essentials of creating presentations with PowerPoint

Who should attend?

  • This course is ideal for anyone new to PowerPoint (or presentation software in general).
  • Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or professional, this training will equip you with the skills to build clear and impactful presentations.


  • Basic familiarity with using a computer mouse is recommended.

What you’ll gain:

  • By the end of this training, you’ll be confident in:
    • Creating new presentations from scratch.
    • Navigating the essential features of PowerPoint.
    • Designing clear and engaging slides with text, images, and graphics.
    • Navigate PowerPoint with ease – modify existing presentations and deliver impactful presentations.

What you will learn

  • Create and save a new presentation
  • View your presentation in different ways
  • View the master slide and make changes that are reflected throughout the entire presentation
  • Change the background colour and colour scheme for an existing template
  • Add pictures to your presentation
  • Use the drawing tools to add shapes or to create your own pictures
  • Enhance your presentation by adding special effects to your slides, text and pictures

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Powerpoint advanced training

Unleash the power of PowerPoint: create professional presentations

Who should attend?

Feeling limited by basic PowerPoint features? This advanced course empowers you to craft impactful, professional-looking presentations that engage your audience. Learn from the comfort of your office or using virtual software and your familiar equipment.


  • Proficiency in Windows and using a mouse is required.
  • Prior experience with PowerPoint, including creating basic presentations and editing text.


By the end of the course you will be able to create consistent, professional-looking presentations, including charts, diagrams, and animation. You will be able to set up your Slide show and create a presentation package to take away with you.

What you will learn

Master advanced design techniques: Learn to create consistent, professional presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Data visualisation mastery: Confidently create impactful charts, diagrams, and graphs to communicate your message effectively.

Animation expertise: Discover how to use animations strategically to enhance your presentation’s flow and engagement.

What will you learn?

  • Effortlessly import Content: Seamlessly integrate text from existing Word documents into your presentations.
  • Master slide design: Make global changes and maintain brand consistency using Slide Masters and Layouts.
  • Craft a signature style: Create custom themes to apply a standardised design across all your presentations.
  • Save time & maintain brand consistency: Develop reusable design templates for faster formatting and brand-aligned presentations.
  • Data visualisation made easy: Generate impactful charts directly from data entered in PowerPoint.
  • Leverage Excel expertise: Seamlessly add charts from Excel, understanding the nuances of different paste options.
  • Tables that inform: Create, edit, and format informative tables to enhance your data presentation.
  • Visualise your ideas: Utilise SmartArt graphics to create impactful organisational charts, circular diagrams, and more.
  • Diagrams made simple: Design professional diagrams using shapes, alignment, distribution, and grouping tools.
  • Animate with precision: Customise animation effects with entrance, emphasis, exit, and custom path options to engage your audience.
  • Deliver confidently: Become a presentation pro by mastering slide show delivery and utilising quick keys for seamless navigation.
  • Tailored delivery: Explore custom show options and rehearse your presentations for impactful delivery.
  • Multimedia mastery: Add audio and video elements to your slides for a richer presentation experience.

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