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Outlook on the Web – New Features!

Microsoft recently updated Outlook on the Web

Formerly known as Outlook Web Access, Outlook on the web as part of Office 365 has had a makeover. The user interface (UI) has been updated to become more streamlined and some funky new features have been added. These bring it in line with the Outlook Desktop App.

You may not see these new features immediately as it will depend on whether your organisation is signed up for first release. If you are then you will see new features as they appear instead of having to wait until they are made generally public.

So what is new?

There is a new toolbar across the top of the screen and it is now possible to perform many actions directly from here. Delete an email, mark it as Junk, Move it to a favourite folder are all familiar.

Really new is the ability to Archive email.  Click the button and the first time you will be asked to choose where the archive is, whether you wish to create a dedicated archive folder, or specify an existing one. It is then as simple as selecting the email and clicking the Archive button to move it.

Another new and exciting feature is the ability to Pin an email to the top of your folder list. You know the feeling of looking for that email you received yesterday before the 100 emails that have come in today! Well by pinning important email to the top of the list you can always find it. Simply unpin it when you have finished with it.

Watch the video below to see Outlook on the web – New Features in action.

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