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People Graph in Excel 2013

Would you like a quick way to create a simple Info Graphic?

In case you were wondering an Info graphic is a way of presenting data visually like in the picture here. We can see the sales or consumption of coffee at Coffee Island our coffee shop chain. Now with an app in Excel 2013 called the People Graph anyone can create graphics which make sense of the data to anyone.

People Graph in Excel 2013


Create your own People Graph

Here is a short video showing you how to create an info graphic like the one in the picture above.

Do let me know how you use this feature – it really does make data simple to understand.

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Shelley Fishel

2 thoughts on “People Graph in Excel 2013

    Hi Vic

    I don’t think so? There are quite a few shapes that you can choose from however I can’t see any way to upload your own. That would be a great feature!

    Glad you like the video/blog?


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