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Planning = Increased Efficiency = Profit

This weeks guest blog is by Helen Winder

Planning = Increased Efficiency = Profit 

Chaos …. what chaos?

Chaos only rules if you do not plan!

By making simple changes of attitude and habit to the way you approach your daily tasks can bring big rewards.

Create a daily plan, and map out your day so that you are proactively making time to achieve both your long and short tasks.  It doesn’t have to be a complicated plan just a simple list of what you need to achieve but if you like details then create a simple table in columns with titles like:  Do Now … Do when I have done the Do Now … Do when I have finished all the others! (or what ever headings click with you).  Make your daily plan list interesting by adding images of something you like … Butterflies, birds, dogs, jewels or even cars, motorbikes!  Make it something that you associate the feeling of achievement or enjoyment.

Research has been carried out and it has been found that one hour spent planning will increase your efficiency by a minimum of four hours.  Remember this when you are tempted to just jump in to your day/week.

Planning does not set you back, it makes you more efficient! You may feel as if you are wasting your time, but by being focused lead to you feeling more at ease and will  have an added benefit of delivery to your clients and will then will benefit your profit!

Planning = Increased Efficiency = Profit

Are you as efficient in your day as you would like to be?

What tools do you use to plan your day?

Short Bio 

Helen Winder is the Managing Director of Transire Ltd.  Helen works very closely with all the clients of Transire and is always looking ahead to ensure they meet their personal and business goals.  Through her own experiences in business she also acts as a sounding board when needed.  Connect with Helen on twitter: @helenwinder and @transireltd or visit

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