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Putting a training plan together

How did Jill work out what to do when staff need training?

Last week we left Jill talking to her friendly IT Training Company about how to put a plan together that would get:

  • Buy in from the partners
  • Buy in from staff

In the first instance Jill has collated a list of the common things that staff are forever getting stuck with. This list is shared with the friendly IT Training Company.  Now the IT Training company can begin to put a plan in place. The first step is to ask a few more targeted questions. Things like:

  • What is the company objective for this training? Business Objective
  • What is the business need for the new learning – what is it that the business/company needs staff to be able to do by the end of the project?

Then there are the scope questions:

Question Mark

How many people do you think need training?

What time frame do you have for this project?

What is your training budget?


Now that the IT Training Company has all of this information, a plan begins to emerge.

The first step is to conduct a Learning Needs Analysis to ascertain where the gaps are in the individual people’s knowledge and just as importantly their confidence. This can be done by completing an online survey or by interviewing staff. The best Learning Needs Analysis combines both.

Then once the data is in it can be analysed and the training courses designed. The best courses will be based around the business objectives taking into account the skills gaps identified by the Learning Needs Analysis.

Now the number of learners can be grouped into the right level for each person and the plan is presented to the partners.

How is buy in achieved?

As all staff have been asked to contribute to the Learning Needs Analysis, they are involved in the decision and a buzz is created around the upcoming training. The partners can see that the business objectives are the basis for the training and they can see how the training will meet the business need and improve the bottom line.

If you like Jill  are struggling what to do to get your staff trained,  call me,Shelley,  on  020 8203 1774 to discuss a training plan for your company.

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To see how we can help your organisation visit us at or better yet call me Shelley on 020 8203 1774

One thought on “Putting a training plan together


    Great blog! I looked online a couple of months for a Training Needs Analysis as a course writer and could not find one. There were only references to companies who produced them.

    Perhaps you may wish to think about providing a TNA/LNA template on your site, advertising it and charging a fee for a download?

    Best wishes,


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