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Redirect Email to another person

How do I redirect email to another person?

So you are doing some research into the interest around a project. As you are the instigator, you need to send the original email about the project. However you want your PA to manage and collate the responses. It is also clear that you will end up with loads of emails in your inbox that you don’t really need to see.

If you redirect the replies to your administrator or anyone else in your team, they can collate the evidence and summarise the results. Here is how to do this.

Options on a new message

Start a new message and display the Options ribbon. From here you can see the Redirect Replies icon. Click this and then select the person who will receive replies to your email and then click OK.

Watch the short video to see how to do this.

This is very handy also if you happen to be away and you would like responses to certain emails to be dealt with by someone else in the meantime.

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