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Rise of Over 60s Taking Apprenticeships

Rise of Over 60s Taking Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are typically viewed as a career starting point so it’s surprising to learn that a growing number of over 60 year olds are enrolling. The Government’s on-the-job scheme which is aimed at youngsters is actually proving the biggest hit amongst workers aged 60 and over, figures show.

The number of over 60 year olds enrolled on placements has soared from 400 to 2,480 in the last half a decade. And the number of 45 to 59 year olds taking up apprenticeships has also grown exponentially from 9,810 in 2009/10 to 41,850 in 2013/14.

Life expectancy has increased with women living to the age of 82 on average and men 76, but when it comes to the working world older employees are leaving earlier than ever before. Pressure to leave coupled with an unsatisfactory work-life balance are listed as the main catalysts.

Conversely, a recent report by KPMG on empowering older generations in the workforce found that ‘more and more companies recognise the value of older workers’ knowledge and skills’. Research has shown that by 2050, the average age of a European citizen will be 49.

Many employers actually prefer employing older staff as they have years of professionalism behind them and a positive work ethic which is sometimes lacking in the younger generation.

Apprenticeships can help older employees to update their skills for the modern workplace and many employers are all for it. The government’s older workers’ champion Dr Ros Altmann spoke positively of the growth, “Some employers welcome training older people who tend to stay with the same employer for longer.”

The number of over 65s in UK employment is currently an estimated 1.1 million with this number increasing by 5,000 each month. Why? For some it is about personal finance, for others it is the need to stay active and busy regardless of age.

With the number of over 65s in employment rising, many companies are introducing initiatives to help this age bracket work past retirement. Believing that retired customers feel more at ease learning about technology from their own generation, Barclays are one company training ‘silver eagles’ to work with customers offering free technology advice.

Whether they want to return to work after a few years of retirement, continue working or simply stay up to date with the professional landscape, apprenticeships can give older people that extra boost of confidence and enhance skills. Want to brush up on your skills? Global Knowledge offers a huge range of business and IT certifications that will equip you with the tools you need for the future and keep you up to date. Choose from a large number of certifications from leading vendors such as Cisco and Microsoft.


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