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Save Time – Save Money

Organisations spend a lot of money on their IT systems. The latest hardware and software installed to make the business zing. However because most of the time the software is relatively easy to use, there is an assumption that everyone can use it to the best advantage and in the speediest way.

When youngsters come into your organization from University you assume that as they have grown up with IT since primary school, that they will be able to create amazing looking documents and spreadsheets that add up.

They may be able to do so but they may not. What we find is that although the current generation are very comfortable with software, what they are lacking, is the business knowledge and application to get the job done in the most effective way.

Even those who have been in a business for some time will benefit from formal and informal IT Training.

We find at The IT Training Surgery that by taking individuals out of the working environment for just one hour each and training them on the things that they need to learn in order to get their job done, that the average time saving is 30 minutes per person per day.

A total of 3 hours of saved time to that organisation for 6 people.

Let’s do the math – 3hrs per day times 5 days per week = 15 hours saved per week.

In a 46 week working year the time saving is 15 hours times 46 = 690 hours which divided by 7 (a working day) gives a total saving of 98 days which is 19 working weeks!!  How much is that worth to your organization?

So the benefit to the bottom line of IT Training far outweighs the cost to your organization.

How much time do you think you will save as a result of investing in IT Training?

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    There is some truth in your article…I actually work in IT, and it’s amazing how many folks don’t know how to use even the most basic tools to their full potential.

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