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Save your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF

 Save your Power Point Presentation as a PDF

I have written previously about saving a Word document as a pdf however did you know that you can save a presentation as a pdf too? This is particularly useful when you want to send it to someone and you need to keep the file size down.

With your presentation on the screen:

Click on File then click on Save as

Save as PDF in PowerPoint 2013





You can see that I am offered a choice of locations to save this presentation in. None of them suggest a pdf though!

Click on the browse button

Now you can change the file type to pdf from the list

Save as pdf in PowerPoint


Name the presentation and select where it should be saved and you are good to go.

There is another way!!

It starts the same way – Click the File menu

Now select Share from the Backstage view

Save as PDF
Now you can see that one of the options is to Send as PDF. This will launch your email account with a new email ready to address and the presentation attached as a PDF.

Share presentation as pdf




How brilliant is that?

Do let me know if  this is helpful to you and if you would like to learn more about PowerPoint go to  where you can subscribe to our On-Line Microsoft PowerPoint training.



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