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Search Folders in Microsoft Outlook

How to find all the email from one person instantly

Here is the scenario: you have lots of email in your inbox, either sitting in the inbox itself, or filed away in different folders. Now perhaps you have a correspondent who has sent you email on different subjects and to find all the email from that person, you will need to search your whole mailbox.

A Search Folder is a permanent Search – always there and always up to date so that you can find all the email that match the criteria immediately.

Here’s how

  • Right Click on the Search Folder icon in the navigation pane
  • Select New Search Folder

Right click to create new search folder

  • Select the main criteria for the Search Folder from the list
  • Click Choose to select the person whose email you wish to find

Criteria for Search

  • If the person is not in your list of contacts, simply type their email address in the From box at the bottom of the dialogue box

  • Click OK

Your new Search Folder is now listed in the Search Folder group in the Navigation Pane and it contains all the email that match your criteria:

New Search Folder is created

To delete a Search Folder, simply right click on the folder to delete and select Delete from the list:

Right Click to delete search folder

You will see the following warning which tells you that the emails will not be deleted only the folder will go.

Confirm you wish to delete the search folder




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