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How to Show Fields in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Have you ever wondered how to ‘Show Fields’ in Microsoft Outlook 2013? 

What do I mean by Show Fields? Well, you may wish to BCC someone or change who the email is From.

BCC – what’s that? BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and allows you to send a copy of the email to a third party without the original recipient knowing about it! Sneaky!!!

From – this allows you to select which email address you are sending from. You may have your work email and your personal email coming into the same inbox and when you reply you need to make sure that you are sending from the correct email account.


Here is how to show these fields to make is simple to use them.

Show Fields


  • Click BCC to display the option of copying in someone blind. Meaning that the person you are writing to does not know that a copy was sent to someone else.
  • Click From to send email from other email accounts rather than your main one. So if you have a personal account and a work account in Outlook you can decide here which account to send the email from.


Happy Learning!

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