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Skydrive – sharing in the Cloud


Skydrive is Microsoft’s on-line storage. A drive in the sky. Like Dropbox you can store files there and share them via the web. However Skydrive is more than just an on-line storage space. With Skydrive you also have Web Apps. These are very powerful as you now have the full editing capability of Microsoft Office right there in your Skydrive!

Edit document in Word Web App

Folder Shortcut

You can create a folder structure just like on your computer and you can have a shortcut to your Skydrive on your computer just like Dropbox.

Short cut in Folder List

However that is where the similarity ends. Open up a document on the web from your Skydrive and you can edit it there and then!!  I work with a VA who is in a different town. We use Skydrive to collaborate on documents. No more emailing of documents to each other. We simply save the document in the Skydrive and let the other person know it is there.

Getting to your files

You can get to your files via the shortcut on your computer or via Skydrive on the web.  Simply open up the document from the folder on your computer, make your changes and save it. Or open it on the web in your web browser, make your changes and save. That is all there is to it!

Windows 8 and Office 2013

With Windows 8 you can now connect your computer or laptop to your Skydrive account so that you can save to it directly.  This is very clever!  Office 2013 is now in preview and you can download it from to test it out.

Skydrive also has Mail, Calendar and People and these are subjects for another blog entirely!

Skydrive parts






Look out for my blogs over the next few weeks as we explore ways of working collaboratively on the web.

Till next time…

3 thoughts on “Skydrive – sharing in the Cloud

    Another interesting post Shelley, thank you. Do we need to sign up for Skydrive – and is it free? I’ve noticed it on hotmail but never done anything with it.

    Hi Shelley,
    Another useful post, thank you! Is Skydrive free? Do you need to sign up for it and is there a limit to how much you can store on it?

    Hi Sue

    Skydrive is free! You get 7GB of storage space to use for documents and photos. All you need is a Microsoft Account and as you have a Hotmail account you have this already.

    Next week the blog is about so look out for it as it explains more about the different sections of this great platform.


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