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Stay Safe Online: Secure Log-ins and More

Stay Safe Online: Secure Log-ins and More

Thanks to the developments in technology in recent years we can now access business files from pretty much anywhere – well, as long as there’s an internet connection. Working from home is becoming more frequent, working on the move and accessing corporate information at meetings is now commonplace.

But with all these changes it is important not to forget basic protocol of keeping your devices (and the information on them) safe and secure from data theft. Let’s take a look at what to expect in terms of information access in the next few months, and how you can get protected.

Staying Safe in 2015

Staying Safe Online
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There are a number of emerging trends in the security sector which we expect to see more widespread in 2015. These are:

Working Wherever – With physical barriers now becoming less of an issue, employees are no longer tied to an office desk. Virtual offices using online storage are set to become even more popular over the next 12 months. And the experts say this will make us a much happier and more productive workforce.

There’s an App for That! – Apps now hold a prized position in our social lives, we also use them to shop and they’re now being optimised for work life.

Humanised Computing – Technology as a whole is slowly being pushed towards computers behaving like humans. And many companies are now developing technology that acts, and interacts, like we do. As a result, many new products are created with the user experience in mind, with a greater understanding of needs and behaviour.

How to Protect Your Business

So what can you do to protect your business and keep your information safe, while still embracing these virtual trends? Quite a few things actually!

IT Security Training

The most important thing is to get educated. Read up on all the latest developments in blogs like this one, and then sign yourself up, or another member of staff, to become trained and security certified. There are a vast variety of certifications and courses available dependent on your level of experience and the technology your business uses.

Coherent Data Policies

Once you have this vital information it can be used to influence company data policies. Adapting business policies to constant developments may seem like a lot of work but it will keep your business safe and it’s well worth it in the long run.

Your IT department will need to set out comprehensive rules and make sure your staff are aware of these. It is likely money will also need to be invested in introducing security measures for user protection. If your business will be introducing apps to everyday office life make sure that these meet with data protection policies too.

Secure Data in Centres

Introducing further virtualisation and data centre storage will add extra protection to your infrastructure, as devices will no longer be relied on. Mobile device management (MDM) will also provide companies with greater control.

Finally, remember – don’t panic! Although data breaches are possible, they are uncommon if you’re protected correctly. Get educated and set up the appropriate protection and your business should be just fine.

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