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The cost of new computer systems


Your IT department tells you it is time to replace your computers or there is a new operating system and it is advisable to upgrade as the old one will no longer be supported.

What is factored into the cost of the upgrade?

  • Cost of hardware
  • Cost of software
  • Cost of installation – perhaps you need specialist consultancy services to implement the upgrade

     Is the cost of the time it takes to learn the new features figured in? Too often not.



    One might think that these questions apply to the Windows Operating System in particular, however in my experience organisations who are on the Mac Operating System also have the same issues.

    True or False?

    A widely held belief is that those who use Macs will adapt more easily to the introduction of a new Operating System and to new software in general.

    It ‘aint necessarily so..

    In my experience this is not necessarily the case. It may be true about the home user, or the creative agency who chooses a Mac over a Windows system. However those who work for an organisation that uses Macs just have to use the computer system that is available.

    I have frequently delivered training in organisations where Macs are used – many of the staff will have Windows computers at home and the transition can be challenging. Especially for those who do not love their computers and see them as a necessary tool to get the job done.

    Those employees who only use a computer at home for the purposes of sending an email or having a Skype conversation with their family or friends, will struggle with a new operating system and new software.

    One of the organisations I work with has a two year training cycle and alongside training how to use Word Excel or PowerPoint, new Operating System features can be trained too. By helping their staff to use joined up applications, which they would not have found out by themselves, they have benefitted enormously in time saving and effort.

    When you are considering the next upgrade for your organisation think about the following:

    • How many of your staff are really comfortable using the current system
    • How many of your staff are using the same system at home as they do at work
    • How many staff are using their own device at work
    • Who might benefit from some training to boost their confidence in the new operating system
    • What things are different or new in the new Operating System
    • How will the new system benefit your users – you need buy in
    • How are you going to help your staff make the transition as easily as possible


    What are your thoughts?

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