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Tip: CountIF and SumIF in Excel

Count or Sum the entries if your criteria are met – Excel 2007,2010 and 2013

Here is a list of the CDs in a collection and their cost:



The SUMIF function adds up a list of figures based on the criteria that you set. In my example above I want to add up the total value of CDs based on the Genre.

1. Click into the cell where you require the answer sumIF

2. Type an = sign

3. Type SUMIF and an open bracket

4. Now select the range of cells that has the criteria in it

5. Type a comma

6. Add the criteria (if the criteria is a text value as here it needs to be enclosed in double quotation marks

7. Then type another comma

8. Now select the range of cells that contain the values you wish to add up

9. Type a closing bracket

10. Press Enter


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