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To Do Lists in OneNote

To Do Lists

We all have to do lists. I have loads of them. In our house I am known as the Queen of Lists. I have to admit that for lists and for having lists always up to date and available, OneNote is fantastic.

The humble shopping list is now a real treat. It is a list with check boxes, that I can satisfyingly tick off as I go around the supermarket. I can start to create the list on my desktop computer, and pick up on the laptop when out and about , see it on my iPad or Android tablet, and best of all tick things off on my phone. No matter which phone you are using you can have your list right there in front of you.

So here is the shopping list I just typed into my OneNote Notebook on my desktop.


OneNote List





Here is the same note on my iPad

OneNote iPad









And here it is on my Lumia 950 phone – a Windows 10 phone.

OneNote Windows








Now when I go shopping and only have my phone with me, the list is right there and can be updated as I go around the shop.

I use this feature a lot, for shopping lists and for other things. For example, I have a Notebook where I plan all my blog posts. In this notebook are lists of blog titles, thoughts about what to write etc and I even write some of the content there.

Especially if I am travelling on the Tube and need to write a quick blog. Out comes the iPad and away I go. It is synchronised to all my other devices once I am back overground and have wifi or mobile data access.

Over the coming weeks I will explore more uses for OneNote and show you how to use this very versatile tool. Some of the blogs will be written like this one, and others will be video tutorials. So do pop back often to see the latest.

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Till next time..

Shelley Fishel

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