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Uploading Photos to Dropbox Automatically

A while ago I wrote a blog about using Dropbox to synchronise your documents between machines and on the web. Recently I was talking with a personal trainer I know  who takes photos of her client’s successes. She then blogs and uploads the photos to Facebook. This is very time consuming she said, as she has to email the photos to herself from her phone, then down load them to her computer and then upload them to where they need to be.

Did you know that there is a facility to upload photos you take on your phone or iPad direct to Dropbox without doing anything? Here is how.

Firstly – sign up for a Dropbox Account. This will enable you to store documents and photos online in a secure location.

Next download Dropbox to your computer – Mac or PC it does not matter. A folder is created on your computer :

Dropbox folder icon

Then download the Dropbox App to your phone – from the App Store or from Google Play depending on your phone.

Now once you have downloaded the app and installed Dropbox, you will be asked to log in to  your account.

Then you are promoted to turn on Camera Uploads

Camera uploads

This feature means that whenever you take a photo with your phone, it will be uploaded to Dropbox to the Camera Uploads folder. In fact that is exactly how I got the picture of the Camera Uploads feature – I took a screen shot of my phone screen and uploaded it direct to Dropbox. Then it was available for me on my computer to add to this blog!

So if you don’t yet have a Dropbox account you can follow this link and get one  – then you can start to get your photos on your computer without having to email them to yourself first!!

Happy snapping!

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