Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy for Online Courses

If you change your mind and wish to cancel your purchase then we will happily refund your money so long as you request a refund within 12 hours of placing your order. Email us at with Cancellation in the subject line – we reserve the right to deduct a handling charge for any credit card fees.

Refund Policy for Online Courses

In the event that you are not 100% satisfied with the course you have purchased, we will happily refund your money on the condition that less than 10% of the course has been completed. We will check your progress and if less than 10% of lessons have been completed, we will refund the course cost.

Email us with Refund in the Subject line detailing why you would like your money back. We will respond to you within 7 working days.

Cancellation/ Postponement Policy for On Site Training

The Training Surgery will make every effort to reschedule a course if for any reason it cannot take place on the agreed date. In the event of a trainer being ill, then alternative dates will be offered. In the event that the client wishes to cancel terms are as follows:

  • Between one and two weeks’ notice there will be a 50% charge (7 to 14 days)
  • Within one week of the training cancellation will be charged in full (Up to 7 days before the date of the training).

Postponement of Training

In the event that training has to be postponed, please notify The IT Training Surgery as soon as possible. A new date will be offered and your booking form amended and re-issued. An administration fee of £35.00 + VAT (per postponement) will be applied should the training be postponed more than once.

Refund Policy for Onsite Training

If you are not satisfied with the training delivered and have followed our Issue Resolution Process then we will either refund the cost of the course or offer you further training.