Delivery Policy

Online Course Delivery Policy

One you have decided to purchase a course from The IT Training Surgery you will be taken to the payment page.

During this process you will create your user account with The IT Training Surgery Online and also make payment for the course you have purchased.

Having made payment you will see displayed on screen a page with your new login details and an email will be sent to you detailing how to log in to the online learning and it will include your log in details and password.

When you first log in to the system you will be able to go to the Profile section and change the system generated password should you so wish.

In the unlikely event of any issues, please email us at

On site Training Delivery Policy

The IT Training Surgery delivers all IT Training at the client site. The client must ensure that a suitable room is available for training and has enough space to accomodate the number of attendees. Each attendee must have:

  • A computer on which to participate fully
  • Freedom from interruption during the training
  • Time to practice the skills learned after the training

In the event that the client requires training to be off site, the cost of hiring a training room will be added to the cost of the course. All Trainers who work with The IT Training Surgery are qualified as trainers and hold a training or teaching qualification.