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Work from Anywhere on Any Device Anytime

Work from Anywhere Any Device Any Time

Microsoft launched Office 365 a while back.  It has been updated several times and is really taking off. We are seeing organisations move to Office 365 for various reasons.

Less support costs

Documents are stored in the cloud, meaning that there is no need for an on premise server. This cuts down on IT Support Costs. Support is still needed, but there will be less onsite support necessary as Office 365 is cloud based.

Software as a service

Office 365 can be implemented with all of the features or just some of them.  Your organisation will not have to pay for the elements it does not want. If you want some staff to just have email accounts without all the software, that is fine just set them up that way.  Want people to be able to download Office to their machines, that’s fine too. This can all be managed remotely as well.

Any DeviceWork on any Device

Microsoft Office now works on any device. There are versions for your desktop or laptop, for your tablet be it an iPad, Android or Windows tablet. Versions for your phone, Windows Phone, Android or iPhone and of course versions for your Mac.

Work Anywhere

Work anywhere you have an internet connection and often where you do not. With the ability to synchronise your OneDrive for Business folders with your machine, you can now save your documents to a local folder and they will synchronise online in the background. Start a document at work, save it to your OneDrive for Business folder, and then pick up where you left off in a coffee shop or at home. You can work locally or in your browser. It does not matter which browser either, it works in Edge, IE11, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

Up to date workWork Any time

Well you can work anywhere, on any device so it follows that you can also work at any time.  Now you may see this as a blessing or a curse, a blessing because you are not tied to your office and the opening times of the building. Which  means you can get that report finished no matter where you are or what time it is. That is also a curse  as you can work all night if you want to. (Not to be recommended)

You truly can work from anywhere on any device anytime

We are seeing many organisation move across and they come to us to help them help their staff learn how to adapt to this new way of working.  When documents are stored online instead of the in house server, staff do need to know what the policy around document storage is and when to save things to a Shared location like SharePoint and when to save things to their own personal OneDrive for Business folder.

Have you moved to Office 365? Are you thinking of moving to Office 365? If so what are your reasons do share with us here as I have not mentioned everything.



Give us a call if you would like our help in teaching your people how to work in this new and exciting environment. We would love to help.


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