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Your Online Profile – First Impressions Count!

This week’s Guest Blog is from Helen Winder Managing Director of Transire Ltd – here are some of Helen’s thoughts on your online profile.

I have visited a lot of profiles through various social platforms over the years and have seen some very interesting profiles – many of which I will never return to view again … Your Online Profile – First Impressions Count!

As you all know online presence for any business is crucial.

Here are my ideas on what you should include in your Online Profiles


Nobody wants to connect with cartoon image or system image. Put a photo of you … that is who they want to ‘meet’. Not a picture of you half way up a mountain with dark sunglasses on or zorbing down a hill! Have a picture of you presenting yourself just like you would if you were to meet face to face at a networking event.


If you have a logo … include it! This is your brand and you want people to start to recognise it. Make sure you resize the logo so it works on your profile. Some platforms differ from each other and will give you a guide on the sizing. But make sure your logo isn’t stretched or out of focus otherwise … you will be out of focus!

Cover /Background Image

If your profile gives you the option to have a Cover photo or Background Image then add one which matches you and your business. Don’t have something which is nothing to do with you. It’s all about branding. If it is a personal profile where you connect with friends and family then fine go ahead and have your latest hobby on show of your wild day at the waterpark but on a professional profile keep it professional.

Intro to you

Almost like a very short bio. Give them a little background about yourself, where you come from in the working world (not where you were born), what role you currently hold and what you enjoy by doing what you do.

Intro to your business

Give a short overview of your business. What you offer and how you work with your clients. Include any offers you currently have or any new services you are offering. Change this on a regular basis to keep it fresh. You could almost reflect what they would find on your website home page. Keep it short though. People do not want to read on and on and on to discover what you can offer. The want to see it there right in front of them. Remember Basil Brush … Boom Boom! Deliver your message like that!

Contacting you

Don’t forget to include how they can make contact with you. Website address, Twitter, Facebook etc etc. Make it easy for them to connect with you. Don’t let them go on a treasure hunt otherwise they may pick up the wrong treasure and go off on to a different map!

A little personal bit

People connect with people … there is no harm at all in writeing a short paragraph about you, what you like to do in your spare time, hobbies, interests etc. Don’t make it a life story but just a few little nuggets so that someone can gain a picture of you.

Pop back on a regular basis to update your profiles …. You just never know who is looking.

Keep it up to date and snappy.


Helen Winder is the Managing Director of Transire Ltd.  Helen works very closely with all the clients of Transire and is always looking ahead to ensure they meet their personal and business goals. Through her own experiences in business she also acts as a sounding board when needed.  Connect with Helen on twitter: @helenwinder and @transireltd or visit

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