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Section Breaks in Word 2010

Quick Tip for Microsoft Word 2010

Section breaks allow you to make a section of the document different to the rest in terms of its layout. So a section can have:-

  • Different margins
  • Different orientation
  • Different page numbering
  • Different headers and footers

You can have as many sections as you like inside a document and they can all have a different layout.

Inserting a Section Break


  1. Click on the Page Layout tab on the ribbon
  2. Go to the Page Setup group
  3. Click on the Breaks button
  4. Select the Section break you need

Different types of Section Break

Next Page – Creates a section break and a page break, so any text after the section break will go onto a new page.

Continuous – Creates a section break with no page break.

Even page – Inserts a section break and starts the next section on the next even numbered page.

Odd Page – Inserts a section break and starts the next section on the next odd numbered page.

Deleting a Section Break


  1. Click on the Draft view icon in the bottom right corner of the screen (1)
  2. The page breaks will be indicated by a dotted line with the words “Section Break”
  3. Click anywhere on the Section break
  4. Press Delete on the keyboard
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