How to use AutoSum to add things up in Excel

How to use Autosum in Excel 2010

So now you have been thinking about your business process and have seen how to begin to keep your contacts in a list using Excel 2010.

What else can you use Excel for in your Business Process? How about keeping a list of your expenses? You know travel expenses, coffee, meeting fees, in fact anything that you buy for your business.

We will begin by setting up a spreadsheet in much the same way as you set up your list in Excel for your contacts.

Once you have your headings you can start to fill in the details, taking the information from your receipts.

Create a list in Excel 2010

Set up the list







In my list I have a date column an Item column and the amount.

I would like to add up the amount column so that there is a total at the bottom.


I am going to use Autosum for this. This is a great way of quickly adding up a column of numbers. It simply adds up anything above it.

(1)   Place the cursor in the cell where you want the answer to appear, (2) click on the Autosum button

Use Autosum Icon

How to use Autosum







Notice that you see the border around the cells you wish to add up and Excel makes an assumption that you will add up everything above it.

Also note that Excel has placed a formula in the cell, =Sum(C2:C9) in this instance where =Sum tells Excel we are going to add up and the items in the brackets are the range of cells to be included so C2 to C9.

A formula is placed in the cell

A formula in the results cell








When you are happy with what Excel is adding up simply press the enter key to accept the result.

Format as Currency

Just one last thing, I would really like my numbers to have a £ sign ( I am based in the UK!) so I will need to make sure that the numbers are selected (1) and the Currency format is applied (2).

Apply Currency Format










My numbers are now in Currency format

Show with Currency

Format as Currency









Have a go and let me know how you get on .

Till next time …

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