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So how are you getting on?

I talked in the first few blogs about my take on Saving Time and Money by training your staff to get things done effectively and then I asked if you have a Business Process. We have started to see how Excel 2010 can assist in just one way in your Business Process and I wanted to talk about some other aspects of training in this week’s blog before continuing to show you more tips in upcoming weeks.

One to One or Group Training?

I am often asked which is best. One to one personalised training or training a group of staff at the same time. Both of these have their place in your organisation’s training plan and there are a few more options too. Let’s take a look at each one in turn.

Group Training

This is the standard and most frequently used method of getting your staff up to speed. It works well if you need to get a whole department trained up to the same standard. You can set the parameters and learning objectives and you are certain that everyone is receiving the same content.

Bespoke IT Training

This kind of course is where the organisation has a particular training requirement – a specific outcome is needed. A course can be built to meet that training need. It could be a mixture of the other courses in that package or even a mixture of sessions from different courses on offer.  Whatever is decided, it will be totally bespoke to the organisation.

One to One Training

This is taking each person within your organisation or team and giving them the chance to have face to face time with a trainer. This enables each individual to learn about the things that they need right now. Even better, they can go straight back to their desk and apply that learning immediately.

Using Webinar Technology to train people

If you don’t have a full day to send your staff out on a course you could consider running a webinar. This is a learning session which takes place on line and each person attends via their own computer. They just need an internet connection a headset and speakers. Depending on the size of the group being trained, it is sometimes possible to give the attendees control of the mouse and keyboard so that they can interact with the software and documents on screen.

Online Training Courses

Online training courses can be the answer when you want to give your staff control over when and where they learn. Courses are hosted on a Learning Management System which is accessed via the internet. Recordings of examples of the material are shown on screen with the trainer explaining what is happening and why. There are also exercises and quizzes to help the person taking the course to embed the learning.

So as you can see, there are lots of options when it comes to training your staff. If you want to see more about what we offer at The IT Training Surgery you can visit the website.

Next week, we will be back in Excel.

Till next time.

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