Quick steps in Microsoft Outlook

Quick steps in Microsoft Outlook

Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook provide users with the capability to perform recurring tasks by using a single click. As it suggests, there can be more than one action within a quick step.  The benefit to a user of Microsoft Outlook is it helps Inbox management and automates repetitive procedures.

Quick steps in Microsoft Outlook are accessible from the Home tab in the Quick Steps group, as shown in Figure 1- Home ribbon and quick steps.

Home ribbon and the quick steps group

Figure 1- Home ribbon and quick steps

Using existing or amending Quick steps

Reply and delete quick step

  1. Choose the email that is to be replied to and deleted.
  2. Click on the Home tab and then click on Reply and Delete in the Quick Steps group, as shown in Figure 2 – Reply and delete option.

Reply and delete option in Quick steps

Figure 2 – Reply and delete option
  1. A reply message will be created and once sent the original message deleted.

Move to: ? Quick step

Setting up the Move to option

  1. Select the email or emails.
  2. Click on the Move to: ? Option in the Quick Steps group, as shown in Figure 3 – Move to: ?.

Choosing Move to in quick steps

Figure 3 – Move to: ?

3.The First time Setup dialog appears as shown in Figure 4 – first-time setup.

First time setup of Move to quick step

Figure 4 – first-time setup
  1. Click on Choose folder as shown in Figure 5 – choosing a folder.

Figure 5 – choosing a folder
  1. Choose the Actions to be taken or click on options for further choices.
  2. Click on Save.
  3. The Quick Step appears in the Quick Step group, as shown in Figure 6 – created quick step.

Move to completed quick step

Figure 6 – created quick step
  1. Select emails and click on the quick step to move emails into the preset folder.

To learn about Outlook 365 or indeed any other version including Microsoft Outlook on the Mac, give us a call on 020 8203 1774 and find out how we can help your organisation get better results.  If you are looking for more information on Microsoft Outlook try the website Slipstick.


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