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Benefits of IT Training?

I have been training people in organisations to use their software for longer than I care to admit now….

So what are the benefits of a full day or half day or even a bespoke course where staff are away from their desks?

Company Relationships



Often people from the same organisation do not get the chance to meet up and discuss work when they are in the office. Too much is going on. Things are frantic and time is short. When out of the office on a course with other members of staff, people get to meet others from within their organisation.

This leads to more knowledge of the different departments within a company.  It also leads to discussion of work practices. Often newer members of staff are not aware of procedures that others know and on a training course valuable company information can be shared between staff.

Valuable company information

New Skills 

Whilst on a course, staff will learn new skills and how to make better use of their software, they will also learn about where to save their work if there is a company policy for this.

Company procedures

The IT Training Company can make sure that staff are aware of any procedures or processes that the company wants their staff to know.

For example, whist at one particular client a few months ago, we were teaching staff about the new Mac Operating System and Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

Office 2011  for Mac

We were also asked to deliver some short sessions on the Data Protection Act. This was a care organisation and the rules are very strict. As their data is all electronic, staff needed to be made aware of the seriousness of their responsibilities towards the individuals and the data held about them.

Bringing in an IT Training Company to deliver in house training can be extremely beneficial to raising staff morale and getting procedures trained in.

What do you think?

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