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COUNTIF Function in Microsoft Excel 2013

COUNTIF Function in Microsoft Excel 2013

The COUNTIF function combines the COUNT function and the IF function.  Use it when you want to count any cells that match a certain condition.

Figure - Count how many people have overtime










In the example, we want Excel to count how many people have worked enough hours to qualify for overtime. So we set up a COUNTIF Function to count how many times the word “Overtime” occurs in the Overtime column.

Figure - Result returned









Figure – Result returned

The structure of a COUNTIF Function


This says, look in the cells C6 to C9, and if you find the work yes in them count how many times.

The structure of a COUNTIF always contains the same four elements.

  • Starts with =COUNTIF(
  • The range of cells that Excel is to look at
  • The criteria which Excel will use to count
  • Close brackets

To make this COUNTIF function easier to understand in this example, the rangeis in purpletext and the criteria is orangetext.

Typing in a COUNTIF Function

Figure - Type the Countif function directly into the cell



Figure – Type the Countif function directly into the cell

  1. Click in the cell where you want the answer
  2. Type =COUNTIF(
  3. Highlight the range of cells you are counting from
  4. Type in your criteria
  5. Press Enter


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