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Create Cell Styles in Microsoft Excel 2010

Quick Tip for Microsoft Excel 2010

Here I show you how to Create Cell Styles in Microsoft Excel 2010.

You can create your own Cell Style to allow you to rapidly format your workbook consistently.

To create a cell style


1. Format a cell/some cells in the style you would like to add to Cell Styles (1)

2. Go to the Styles group on the Home tab on the ribbon

3. Click on the Cell Styles button (2)

4. Click on New Cell Style (3)


5. Give the style a name (4)

6. Uncheck any boxes that relate to styles you do not want to keep (5)

7. Click OK

If you want to change anything on the style before confirming, click on the Format button to bring up further options (6)


8. Your custom style appears in the Cell Styles drop down menu under “Custom” (7)

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