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Good quality audio – Skype for Business

Pick your Headset in Skype for Business

You have to get all your colleagues up to date with the latest developments in your project. The team are dispersed, not only in different cities, also in different countries. An online meeting is the answer and as your organisation is using Skype for Business that is the medium to use.

You may wish to play with Skype for Business first, before you actually host the meeting and one of the things you will want to get right is the quality of your audio. It is really important that attendees can hear the presenter clearly and there are a couple of checks to do before going ahead.

Set up the correct headset

There are two places to choose the headset. On the Skype for Business Console and within Audio Settings.

The Console

SFB Console

At the bottom of the console is the small audio selection button and when you click it, the menu pops up. Here you can select the correct headset and microphone.







Audio Settings

You can check the headset is working properly by going in to the Audio settings. You can click on Audio Device Settings in the pop up menu or click on the wheel icon then click on Audio Settings.

SFB Audio Settings Cog







Check it is working properly

Once you are in the Audio Settings you can:

  • Pick the headset from a list
  • Set the volume level for your headset speakers by dragging the slider
  • Check the microphone is working – drag the slider- speak and see the box go blue as you talk
  • Check how the ringer will sound by clicking the play button – the ringer sounds in your headset

SFB Audio Settings Check







In a large organisation, you may be using a slightly different version of Skype for Business, and you will see a button that will prompt you to Check Call Quality. Click this to hear a voice asking you to record a short message. This is then played back to you and you can decide if your microphone is set at the correct distance and volume.

There you have it, get your headset working at its optimum level so that your participants can hear you properly.

For training on Skype for Business – give us a call we would love to help your people get to grips with Skype for Business.




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