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How to insert an on-line picture in Word

Insert an on-line picture in Word

Here you are working on that document or report. You need a picture to make it stand out and catch attention. However you realise that you just have not got the right one on your computer. What should you do? Aha! Look on the internet. There are loads of pictures there. Now you might just go off and launch your browser, search for an image and download it. That would be one way to do it.  However in Microsoft Word, you can search for an image right from within the document. In Word 2013 the Insert Picture option has been divided into Pictures from your computer and On-line Pictures.

In the video tutorial I show you how to search for an on-line image, first from your own SharePoint site and then using Bing.

I must mention here that whichever way you go to search for pictures, you should check the copyright and usage licensing of the picture.

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