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How to insert headers and footers in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

How to insert headers and footers in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Headers and footers in PowerPoint 2013 exist in the Slide Master. You decide if you would like them to show or not. If you look in the Slide Master, you will see them on the slides. However unless you actually add them they stay hidden.

To add a header or footer

  1. Click on the Insert Ribbon
  2. Click on Header & Footer
  3. Select the elements you want to show

Figure - Headers and Footers













Figure – Headers and Footers

Date and Time – tick the box to show the date and time.

Update Automatically – tick to have PowerPoint update the date and time to the current date and time whenever you open the presentation.

Fixed – this allows you to type your own date however you like.

Footer – to add a footer tick the box and type in what you want it to say.

Apply – to apply to the current slide

Apply to All – to apply the changes to all slides.


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