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Improving performance with targeted personalised training

If you remember, Jill is the busy HR manager of an organisation. Jill has been struggling with getting approval for staff training she has had to get buy in from the partners and the staff.

We have already seen how with the help of the friendly IT Training Company Jill manages to get buy in from both partners and staff. A plan is put together but what does it contain?

Take the following three members of staff:

Create a report in Microsoft Word

Tim has to present a large report to the board at the next monthly meeting. He finds himself stressed out at the thought and the amount of work he has to do to get the presentation of the report to match the brand and house style.





George works in the marketing team and is a whiz at standing up and presenting, however he really needs help when it comes to creating slides to go with his presentations.



Caroline has inherited a number of complex spreadsheets and needs to understand what on earth the previous person did.



How can Jill ensure that each person has the opportunity to improve their performance with their own particular issue?

The answer is to provide an IT Training Surgery – this allows for each person to have individual attention and they can focus on their own areas of need. The overall benefit of this means that each person will leave the session with their performance vastly improved and fully confident that they can solve the problem.

As each person comes to the session by themselves, they are free to ask whatever questions they like, which they may have been shy to do in a group. They also have the opportunity to work on their own documents rather than a demonstration file provided by the trainer. This makes the learning sticky as it really does help solve their issue.

The result?

Tim spends much less time putting his report together – he can now focus on the message he is giving without worrying about the formatting or presentation of the report. This will now take care of itself as Tim has learned about Styles, formatting and Table of Contents.

George – now has a template in the company brand ready to go and so he too can focus on the message. He can now create a WOW presentation not a boring one.

Caroline – by being able to bring the spreadsheets to the session, Caroline can now understand what the previous person has done and may even have found a better way of achieving the outcome.

All in all improved performance all around.

If you would like to have an IT Training Surgery for your organisation- give me a call on 020 8203 1774 and let us discuss exactly how The IT Training Surgery can help improve the performance of your staff – just as Jill has been able to improve the performance of her staff so can you!

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