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Is Training always the right solution?

Do you need training or a different process?

How often do you think – well we really need to train our staff in xyz or whatever it might be?

However have you ever wondered whether it is in fact a training issue or perhaps a process or procedure issue? Maybe you need to change the process to make it easier to use?

Do you really know what your process is?

Here is an example. I was asked to talk to a business owner about adding Microsoft Excel to a couple of mobile staff’s iPads. Then, to show them how to use a Purchase Order form.  The thing is, once the Purchase Order form was completed it was then emailed to the office –what happens next?

Well it turned out that they were not sure. The office would receive the emailed Purchase Order and then what? It was all about parts they had in stock and there did not seem to be a way of tracking these.

It would appear in this case that they needed to go back to the drawing board and work out what exactly they needed.  Probably a database or some refinements to their accounting system.

Then we can go in and provide the training on whatever solution they come up with.

We love to provide the right training!

Don’t get me wrong, we love training people and helping them to save time on their day to day tasks. However we certainly don’t want to deliver training only for the client to find out later that they need to do something else first and then provide more/different training afterwards.

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Shelley Fishel



2 thoughts on “Is Training always the right solution?

    This is beautiful!
    People, Processes, Tools. Often the process is broken or non-existent, but I never thought that training would sometimes be inappropriate. It’s right, though. Attending to processes may indeed be more urgent than training.

    Hi Oz, we have a duty to ask great questions to make sure that training is relevant and useful. If a process needs updating the training will be so much better. Easier to design as objectives will be clearer. Thanks for the comment! Shelley

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