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5 Word Tips

ms tip 22 Following yesterday’s PowerPoint tips, I am giving you 5 great Word tips all in one place today. These are just five of the tips on the site, you can search for more if this has wetted your  appetite.






How to add clipart in Word 2013

Learn how to add clipart to your documents. It now lives in the cloud!

Columns in Word 2010

Learn how to create newspaper style columns in your documents.

Apply Paragraph Formatting using the keyboard

Use the keyboard to apply formatting – very helpful for your arms neck and shoulders.

Add a cover page to a document

Add a cover page to give your document that professional edge.

Bullets and Numbering

Bullets and Numbering can drive you potty. Learn how to take control of those pesky numbers and bullets.

Microsoft Word Training Courses

Now that you can see the benefit of learning how to use the software effectively you can see what courses we have on offer. I provide links below to our Microsoft Word Courses. We can deliver these courses in house or on-line in a fun and interactive way.

Full day Microsoft Word Training Courses

Here you will find links to the course outlines for all of our Microsoft Word Full Day Training Courses.

Half day Microsoft Word Training Courses 

You can also learn all about Word via our on-line course Learn Word 2010 over on Udemy. You can find it here.

Give us a call on 020 8203 1774  to discuss your organisation’s learning needs and to find out how we can help you improve your documents and professional image.

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