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How to Set Print Scaling in Microsoft Excel 2013

How to set Print Scaling in Microsoft Excel 2013

I am often asked how to make everything typed on a spreadsheet fit on to one piece of paper.

Scaling your worksheet allows you to make all the data you have fit on one piece of paper, or as many as you specify.   The upside is you get all your data on one sheet of paper, the downside is the text size will shrink and you might need a magnifying glass to read the spreadsheet!

The Scale to fit group

Figure - You can open the dialog box to get more options




Figure – You can open the dialogue box to get more options

Here you can try out different scaling options, simply change the percentages in the boxes and see how your spreadsheet looks.   To see how it will print, hop into Page Break Preview or click File and then Print to see the preview.   You can set the scale to a total percentage here.   If you would like more detail you can click on the dialogue box launcher at the bottom right of the group.   

Scale to fit dialogue box

Figure - Scale the content to fit on a page













Figure – Scale the content to fit on a page

Click the dialogue box launcher.

In the Scaling group of settings you can tell Excel to make the data fit to 1 page wide by 1 page high or any combination you want.

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