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Can learning be delivered remotely?

Remote learningLearning any where at any time

Yes is the answer to the question posed in the title of this piece.

More and more often we are asked –can this training be delivered remotely to the team. The reasoning is that with team members all over the country or even the world, the cost of sending trainers to them, or bringing them to the trainer is too great.

Live online learning is like classroom based face to face learning in that it is interactive and in fact can be even more interactive than face to face. As the facilitator cannot see the participants the design of the sessions need even more care.


Online learning has Interaction designed into it, with some type of participation planned for every 3 to 5 minutes.

Instructional Designers for online events will have extra skill when it comes to designing effective online courses.

CDOL-Certificate in Design Of Online   Learning is rapidly becoming an industry standard with courses being run for locations far and wide. This certification is offered by the Learning and Performance Institute and covers all aspects of online learning.

Designing engaging interactive and visually pleasing sessions is key to the success of the learning along with having a qualified facilitator who knows their subject matter and how to control the online classroom.

The latter can be learned through the COLF certification also offered by the Learning and Performance Institute. Certified Online Learning Facilitator is what it stands for.

Taken together these elements will ensure transfer of learning and can be even more fun in the online classroom.

Our courses are designed following the CDOL methodology so you can rest assured that your objectives will be met.

Shelley Fishel is a Certified Online Learning Facilitator, and holds the Certificate in Design of Online Learning through the Learning and Performance Institute as well as being an MCT. The IT Training Surgery has a range of Microsoft Office training courses that can be delivered online.

COLF - CDOL Online Learning




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