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How much is IT disruption costing my business?

How much is IT disruption costing my business?

How much is IT disruption costing my business?

Did you know that just 1 hours interuption per week for a staff member on £23,500 per year, will result in a nett loss of £750 per year?

IT disruption impacts every part of a business. Communications break down, essential databases become inaccessible and productivity grinds to a halt as staff sit twiddling their thumbs. More harmful still is the blow to your company’s reputation. If deadlines are missed due to a technical hitch, a client may be inclined to look elsewhere next time.

Five common causes of IT disruption

  1. Inefficient PCs – A redundant computing infrastructure will not be able to meet the demands of today’s digital business environment. Even when being used for more basic tasks, old PCs are slow and incompetent compared to their modern counterparts.
  2. Incorrect systems – IT systems are part of everyday business operations, but can you be sure that yours are helping to further your business objectives? IT systems often evolve in a piecemeal fashion and, over time, equipment can be deployed in roles it is not really suited for.
  3. Faulty systems – Unreliable and faulty systems hinder people’s ability to do their job. As well as the serious operational errors that can result from faulty IT systems, staff often waste valuable time trying to resolve the problems themselves.
  4. Downtime – Unexpected downtime has a larger impact across an organisation than you might realise. As well as paying for staff that are unable to work, you could experience a dramatic drop in sales due to loss of access to your website or POS systems.
  5. Lack of training – The consequences of inadequate training can range from staff being unable to fully utilise existing technology to a catastrophic loss of valuable data. The poor provision of training can also drive your most able and motivated employees away, leaving you with unskilled staff incapable of making use of your IT system.


What you can do about it

To maintain a level of high performance in your business, without fear of disruption, you need to take a strategic approach to your IT systems. Developing a roadmap for you business’s IT systems, enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing situation and determine how IT can help you achieve your business objectives.

A roadmap will identify weak links in your company’s IT chain, such as outdated PCs and unsuitable systems. It will tackle potential problems before they have chance to develop and ensure your workforce have the skills to fully exploit every opportunity your technology offers.

When a problem occurs, it helps to be able to contact an engineer who knows your IT set-up and can deal with the issue immediately, regardless of who the manufacturer of the failed hardware is. This takes away a lot of worry and prevents a minor problem causing a major disaster.

Keeping your data protected with the latest security fixes prevents serious harm infiltrating your systems from outside. Again, having a single point of contact for all security issues is the fail-safe way to protect your IT, and your business.

Nothing wastes time and money in business like computer downtime, but with support from WESTTEK, you will get much less disruption and much more out of your technology.

About the Author:

Frances West is Director at Westtek …

At Westtek, we knew that significant change was needed if business owners and directors were to experience the real benefits of IT.  You want technology to work for your business, not the other way round!

Westtek have redefined the concept and delivery of IT around what is really important to you. With our services, IT and telecoms become business enablers, not drivers. We provide proactive management and maintenance of your systems and are continually developing our monitoring and management capability to improve this further.

In everything we do, we want our clients’ systems to work so well that they do not need to call us for support, only for advice and guidance as their business needs grow and evolve.

We work across London and the South East with a particular focus on Hertfordshire and Middlesex, with specialist skills covering Recruitment, Legal, Accounting & Finance as well as Educational organisations.

If you would like more tips and or advice on how to improve your IT systems to reduce productivity loss and frustration, please contact us on 0203 195 0555 or

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