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How to use Drag and Drop to file email in Microsoft Outlook 2013

How to use Drag and Drop to file email in Microsoft Outlook 2013

A simple way to move one or more email from your inbox to a folder, is to drag the email(s) and drop them on the folder you want to put them in.

Drag one email

Figure - drag to file
Drag one email to file

Click on the email you wish to move

  1. Drag keeping the left mouse button down
  2. Drop it onto the folder you wish to place it in.

Drag and drop several emails

Drag multiple emails to file
Select multiple emails and drag to file


Select the emails to move:

 To select emails that are next to each other in the inbox click on the first one then hold the shift key and click on the last one.

How are you going to use this tip? Will you be dragging email to folders from now on? Let me know – leave a comment as I love to hear from my readers.

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3 thoughts on “How to use Drag and Drop to file email in Microsoft Outlook 2013

    Emails sometimes disappear when I drag and drop them from my inbox into a sub-folder in Outlook 2013. I have tried taking out all filters but this still happens – but not every time, which makes it difficult to understand what is going on.

    Hi David, firstly apologies for the tardy reply. When you drag and drop emails to sub-folders, it is fairly easy to drop them in the wrong folder by accident. This is why I like to use the Move Button to move emails from one folder to another. Dragging is good for single emails but if I have more than one to move I use the Move Button.

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