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IT Training in your own office? How can that help?

Training in your own office

Over the last few weeks, I have been running some in house training for a property company.

Traiing in an open plan office
Training in an open plan office

The thing that they all have in common is that they all have different requirements and learning styles.

By running the training in their own office, with access to their own documents – the learning is kept relevant and makes sense to them. We can switch topics easily when a question is asked and take a deeper dive into what they need to learn rather than what I thought they wanted.

Ideally the training takes place in a meeting room with the learners bringing in their own laptops and with access to their network. If this is not possible then we can work in the office so long as the phones are switched to voice mail or someone is there to answer them.

The Telephone can interrupt a training session
Please answer the phone

I am often given a brief by the office manager who has a good knowledge of the needs of the office. However where this sometimes falls down is that what they need to know overall is often way outside their current level of knowledge or confidence.

By having the training in the office, we can dip in to what is needed as it occurs and when questions are asked there is time to answer them.

We always manage to cover the requirements of the company – maybe not in exactly the way we envisaged at the start.

Do you have any experience of being trained in your own office? What was it like? Do let me know.

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