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The cost of not training your staff?

When companies are looking for ways to save money, one of the first things to be cut is often Training. IT Training in particular.

Nowadays from toddler to OAP, everyone has access to the latest technology, whether they choose to use it or not. This means that employers think that everyone and anyone can use the latest tools straight “out of the box”.

Everyone has access to IT systems
From toddler to OAP

How often does an employer make the mistake of giving their staff the latest computers and the latest software without equipping them with the knowledge and skills of how to use them? Too often in my experience.

So often, I go into a business to deliver training and it is the really little things that make the big difference. Things that individuals will not find out for themselves and not everyone loves to explore their computers. Many people are afraid of the technology, thinking that they might “break it”.


Computer training is needed
Oh dear! I broke it!!

As soon as employees learn the basics of using their software, confidence levels rise, productivity rises, morale goes up and time wasting reduces.

The cost of NOT training your staff is:

  •  Time Wasting
  • Lack of confidence
  • One member of staff is often thought of as the expert and gets interrupted continually to explain how to do things
  • Lack of professional presentation of documents, spreadsheets and presentations

Of course this all impacts on the bottom line.

The message is clear, invest in training your staff to get productivity, confidence and morale raised.

What is your experience? Comments welcome.

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