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New Apps in Outlook 2013 – Schedule a Meeting

Apps in Outlook 2013 work by recognizing phrases in your email and suggesting shortcut actions.

For example if your colleague or friend sends you an email suggesting a meeting, Outlook will now suggest that it has found a possible meeting and allow you to create it directly from the incoming email. Neat!

In the image below you can see that David has asked me to meet on Monday at 10 am in the subject of the email. Outlook has a Suggested Meetings app which will show up when it identifies a possible meeting.

Schedule a meeting from an email in Outlook 2013 App




When I click on the Suggested Meetings app see what happens next:







Now I can schedule a meeting with David direct from his email to me.When I click on Schedule a Meeting this is what happens:

Schedule a meeting in Outlook 2013 from the App






I love this new feature – all I had to do is click Schedule a Meeting and Outlook completes the appointment all I need to do is to categorise the appointment if I wish.

What do you think about this new app?

2 thoughts on “New Apps in Outlook 2013 – Schedule a Meeting

    Absolute rubbish, wasted two hours of my time arranging a meeting that the sender had no idea why we were requesting it.
    How do I disable it.

    Hello Stephen, The app mentioned in the blog is an add in and you can disable it. Simply click on the File menu, then click on Manage Addins. You will be taken to your online management area. There uncheck the box for Suggested Meetings.

    If someone writes to you with a time and the word meeting then Outlook will offer you a suggested meeting, but you don’t have to click on it – you can ignore it if you don’t want to disable it completely. I am sorry that the person you tried to schedule a meeting with was not aware of why.

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