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What is the on-line classroom?

Online classroomWhat exactly is the on-line classroom?

The online classroom can take different forms depending on the platform you or your organization has chosen.  In today’s post I will take a look at a few.


YouTube has been around for some time now and I expect that most people have looked for a video about the subject they wish to learn. Whether how to make a good pasta sauce, change a tire or create a spreadsheet.

YouTube is a great channel for learning it’s free and you choose what to learn. However, how do you make sure that the person teaching your chosen subject is qualified to do so and knows their stuff?

Subscription based learning

You can also subscribe to a selection of websites which host video content teaching you how to do things. These are usually of excellent quality and you can check out the credentials of your instructor before you join.

The  instructor has pre-recorded the content and although you can interact via email, this can take time.

Live Online Classroom

The live online classroom is different. You will receive a personal invitation to join the session. Once you join you will be able to interact with both the facilitator and the other participants.

There are many ways to interact during the session and your facilitator will make sure that content is fun and engaging with lots of opportunity to get your hands dirty and take over driving the application.

Most importantly, the facilitator is there in person and can answer any questions you or other participants may have on the spot.

In a subsequent blog, I will share how the on-line classroom looks in the different types of software that can be used to access it and how it looks when being used.

Shelley Fishel


Shelley Fishel is a Certified On-line Learning Facilitator, and holds the Certificate in Design of On-line Learning through the Learning and Performance Institute as well as being an MCT. The IT Training Surgery has a range of Microsoft Office training courses that can be delivered on-line. Call us for more details.

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