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OneNote Online

Using OneNote Online

OneNote online is accessed from the App Launcher when you are in the online portal.

Go to and sign in to your Microsoft Work or School Account.

One there click on the App Launcher and select OneNote Online

You will be prompted to select the Note book you wish to open.

Once your NoteBook is open you will see that it looks almost the same as OneNote on the computer.

If you are wondering where the pages and sections have gone you will find them when you click on the three lines top left of the screen.

Open NoteBook




Here you will see listed the sections and pages with the options to add a page or section.

OneNote online Sections






Now you can click on the page and start typing.

You may find that the Ribbon is collapsed. It is easy to display simply by clicking on the Ribbon you want to access.

The Ribbon can be pinned in the open position by clicking on the pin on the right of the Ribbon.

Let’s take a quick look at each of the Ribbon tabs and note that whilst you have lots of functionality you don’t have absolutely everything available to you when working on the local version of OneNote.

However there is definitely enough functionality to work with if you are out and about and want to log in to an online notebook.

A powerful feature of working with OneNote Online is the ability to share the notebook with others so that you can collaborate on a project together.

Click the File menu to access the Share option – and invite your co-worker to the notebook.

Watch the video to see this in action:

Go and have fun with OneNote online and let me know what you think and how you are using it. Do you have any new ways of working with OneNote that we would all benefit from?

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