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Out Of Office Assistant

Out Of Office Assistant

So, you are off on holiday, or simply working away from the Office. It would be an intrusion to answer all the emails that come in as they arrive in your normal efficient manner.  Out Of Office Assistant allows you to set a standard reply to anyone who writes to you.

Reply to every instance?

No. Out Of Office will only respond to the first email that you receive from a particular person. The next time they write, no response is sent.  Outlook assumes that they have received the first notification and if they are still writing to you, then it must be because they need to.

What happens to the email I do receive?

Nothing. It just sits patiently in your inbox, waiting for your return.

What if I come back early?

Simply turn off the Out Of Office Assistant from the prompt.

How do I set it?

  1. Click on the File Menu
  2. Click on Info
  3. Click on Automatic Replies
  4. Tell Outlook to send automatic replies
  5. Set the start date and time and the end date and time
  6. Type a message into the box for internal contacts and a message into the box for external contacts
  7. Click OK

Watch the video to see how it is done.


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