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Are your staff performance ready?

Are your people ready to get going straight away?

Have you ever hired someone who you thought was perfect for the job only to find that their skills in some areas were lacking?

Perhaps you hired the best salesperson in the world thinking you are on a winner. However that person might be the best salesperson ever, but may not have the best PowerPoint skills.

Or how about a fabulous HR person – full of the best people skills as you would hope in this position. Then once they are ensconced you discover that they don’t have the best Excel skills?

Then there is the graduate you hired the one who can calculate the most amazing sums in a second. However they don’t have the skills to present their findings in a well set out professional looking report.

Skills gap

In all of the examples above a lack of skills in one area or another is harming the performance readiness of your people.

If that Salesperson has exceptional sales skills imagine how much more effective they will be when they can transfer their vision to a PowerPoint presentation themselves. They no longer have to wait for a PA or someone else to create it for them. The time saved in the back and forth until it is perfect is immense.

Then there is the HR person. She knows all about contracts and people management. However when she needs to add details to an Excel spreadsheet to arrange training and see who has had which course she gets all flustered.

Then that graduate, well he can arrange the facts on a spreadsheet but write a report – no!

Invest for success

By investing in giving your people the training in the skills they actually need to do the job, you are setting them up for success.

Learning new skills can be fun as well as necessary for the bottom line.

Once you have sorted the skills gap of your people they really will be performance ready.

Feel free to comment below – do you have any examples of being performance ready that you care to share?

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