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The importance of good communication in the office

Communication in the workplace is crucial to the success of any business. Irrespective of industry or sector, without strong office communication, no business will be successful.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever for employees to shy away from talking to each other. Over the last twenty years technology has changed the way we do business, and now offices all over the world are run by email, with many sitting in silence as they work away.

Blackberries, and other mobile devices, have also changed the way we communicate. Instead of picking up the phone to talk to colleagues in different offices or when out at meetings, employees opt instead to text or email on the move.

But it is when employees communicate properly, and in person, that great ideas are formed and that effective work is completed, bringing success to your company. Creative industries are perhaps the area in which communication is most important, and these companies tend to set aside time to debate and brainstorm ideas. But just because a company isn’t in the creative industries, doesn’t mean office communication isn’t important.

Making the effort to go and see a colleague, instead of dropping them an email, can help build key business relationships, and will also help each employee to understand the other’s feelings on the job in hand, their attitude and their current workload level. This is important: communicating purely by email means employees remain oblivious to their colleagues feelings, their attitude and to whether they are too busy to help.

Many business commentators have talked of the negative effect that technology has had on the modern business. While many people praise technology for making the working day easier and undoubtedly longer, there is no denying that mobile devices and email in particular have led to workplaces where communication has become something of an afterthought.

Many of the world’s leading companies have consciously thought of communication when designing or choosing new business premises. Many modern offices now contain areas specifically for ‘breakout’, group sessions and bonding between colleagues – recognition of the fact that communication in the workplace is of utmost importance to each and every task being completed, and ultimately to the success of the business as a whole.

Email has done a lot of good for business, and is often a lot more appropriate than the phone. But many fail to adapt the tone of their writing over email – seeing colleagues in person, however, makes the tone and seriousness apparent from the very beginning of the conversation.

3 thoughts on “The importance of good communication in the office

    I have been picking up the phone a lot more recently. Certain things can be cleared up so much more quickly via a phone call rather than endless emails. But because email is there and so easy we tend to default to using it rather than thinking whether it really is the best option.

    Hi Rosemarie
    Too true, sometimes people hide behind email too when a conversation is difficult. However the tone of an email can never be quite the same as a phone call. 🙂
    Thanks for joining the discussion.

    Hi Shelley,
    Often, when I deliver time management courses, it’s emails that cause a lot of stress! people feel inundated with them as they are used like texts or direct messages; the senders also expect instant replies.
    I think encouraging some human contact in the form of a call is helpful, as is training people not to expect instant replies.

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